Before School Program opens as early as 7 am.
•    Study/ “Self Time”: 7am-8am.
•    8am-9am: Group Activities / Game Stations. 
•    Last van leaves at 8:55 am.

After School Program pick up starts at 2:30 pm.
•    Students arrive at the do-jang (last van) at 4:10 pm.
•    Taekwondo lessons every Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday at 4:20pm-5pm. 
•    Snack and Homework time starts at 4:30 pm.
•    Group Time/Movie Time: 5:50 pm or when everyone finishes homework.
•    Last pick up is at 6:30 pm. (After Program closes at 6:30 pm) 
*Counselors provide assistance with Homework/School Projects.

Benefits from our Before/After School Program
•    Taekwondo Lessons included! (3x a week)
•    Transportation to and from school!
•    Lower rates for Camps!
•    Complimentary later drop off and early pick up from school (Delayed/Early Release days) 
•    Complimentary All Day Camps on Teacher’s workdays!
•    Snow Day Camp available if roads are safe for both parties! (Lower rate for Before/After members ONLY)




M2M (Month to Month agreement) allows our student to receive FULL benefits with the cancellation of the program available with 30-days prior notice! 

School Year agreement allows our student to receive FULL benefits at a lower rate compared to M2M! (This agreement can not be canceled.)  

**For fees, please contact us!**


7839-B Suite Rolling Road

Springfield Va 22153 


Tel: 703) 455-3300

Email: MasterHanTKD@yahoo.com


Monday-Friday                         Saturday                             Sunday

Before School: 7AM-9AM         Taekwondo: 9AM-1PM       CLOSED

After School: 3PM-6:30PM

Taekwondo: 4:30PM-9PM