Taekwondo Lessons

Jr. Team (Ages 4-6) 


In this program, we look to inspire the principles of Tae Kwon Do that can help your children grow into a confident person. 
The student will build their focus and have fun while learning it. Our Jr. Team students also learn basic kicks, hand techniques, and blocks throughout the course as well as basic Korean language.
Our Jr. Team students focus primarily on the building of basic motor skills, and key intellectual functions of the brain such as memorization, stimulation, and critical thinking.
•    Build Confidence
•    Basic Motor Skills
•    Be Balanced
•    Be Patient
•    Be Gentle and Kind
•    Learn to follow Directions
•    Learn how to be Polite



Children’s Class (Ages 7-12) 


The Children's class program is designed to develop discipline, respect, confidence, and focus. It is also designed to help kids build a strong foundation for traditional Martial Arts skills. These skills are acquired through practice and through learning forms and learning how to spar. Sparring is an exciting aspect of Tae Kwon Do that helps children develop agility, speed, and most importantly their mind. Tae Kwon Do sparring can be applied to all sport Martial Arts. Through these techniques and disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, your children will learn self-discipline, mutual respect, focus, and perseverance. Great value is a key part of our students and we hope that it will stick with them for the rest of their lives. These values will help and shape them into strong, law-abiding, positive adult citizens.
•    Positive Role Models
•    Increased Physical Conditioning
•    Respect for Others
•    Learn how to Defense
•    Leadership Skills
•    Weight Control
•    Boost Self-Confidence
Beginners: No Belt to Purple Belt
Advanced: Blue Belt to Black Belt





Teen and Adult Classes (Ages 13+) 


The Teen and Adult program at Master Han Taekwondo is for those students who are 13 years of age or older. There is no age limit for the program. We have successfully taught and trained people of various age groups through this program. This program is also for professionals, young and old, who are interested in beginning or continuing their journey of learning Tae Kwon Do. Our program includes a strong foundation of traditional Martial Arts, over which we teach sparring techniques, self-defense, and strength development. The Tae Kwon Do program for adults is designed not only to teach Tae Kwon Do skills but, also to improve their fitness. We incorporate cardio workouts along with our Tae Kwon Do teaching techniques to help students improve their fitness and endurance level.
The lessons learned through our Tae Kwon Do program for adults can help them become better at their work, achieve a greater work-life balance, and give them an outlet to release their stress and emotions, positive and negative, through Tae Kwon Do. 
•    Learn how to defend
•    Healthy LifeStyle
•    Fit and Tone
•    Mental Discipline 
•    Control the stressful Situation
•    Physically get Balanced
•    Stress Release



1-on-1 Lessons 

This class provides a learning atmosphere where the student has the Instructor’s full attention. Private lessons offer a way of learning Taekwondo that matches your schedule because private lessons are scheduled by appointment.
•    For students of all ages
•    By appointment only. (Mondays-Thursdays at 6 pm) 
•    Personalized training plan customized to allow you to learn at your own pace



Special Training Class

This is an advanced Taekwondo curriculum that heavily emphasizes the demonstration and sport of Taekwondo. Students will learn advanced techniques in all areas of Taekwondo. Throughout this program, students will train for demonstrations as well as form and sparring events at tournaments.
•    For students of all ages and belt rank
•    Learn advanced Taekwondo moves and sparring techniques
•    Improve Taekwondo fundamentals
•    Not all students are eligible to participate in this program, prospects must be evaluated by Instructors and staff

Tae Kwan Do Hands
Karate Black Belt
Martial Arts Class
Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards
Martial Arts Students



Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays (5pm to 5:45pm)

Please call ahead or email to reserve your child’s spot for Taekwondo class. We are only accepting 10 students per class. (No walk-ins.) All participants will need to sign a waiver. Students must wear a mask, non-slip socks, and bring their own water bottle (labeled.) Parents/Guardians must stay in their vehicles (Simply drop off and pick up.) Please arrive 5 minutes early.