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Taekwondo Lessons

2022-2023 Taekwondo Class Schedule

Benefits of Taekwondo
•    Confidence
•    Basic Motor Skills
•    Balance
•    Patience
•    Listening skills  
•    Critical thinking skills
•    Positive Role Model
•    Increased Physical Conditioning
•    Respect 
•    Self Defense
•    Leadership Skills



1-on-1 Lessons 
This class provides a learning atmosphere where the student has the Instructor’s full attention. Private lessons offer a way of learning Taekwondo that matches your schedule because private lessons are scheduled by appointment.
•    For students of all ages
•    By appointment only
•    Personalized training plan customized to allow you to learn at your own pace



Special Training Class
This is an advanced Taekwondo curriculum that heavily emphasizes the demonstration and sport of Taekwondo. Students will learn advanced techniques in all areas of Taekwondo. Throughout this program, students will train for demonstrations as well as form and sparring events at tournaments.
•    For students of all ages and belt rank
•    Learn advanced Taekwondo moves and sparring techniques
•    Improve Taekwondo fundamentals
•    Not all students are eligible to participate in this program, prospects must be evaluated by Instructors and staff


Martial Arts Class
Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards
Tae Kwan Do Hands
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